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Quail Recall Pen Update

February 26th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

quail recall pen for dog training
The quail recall pen is getting good use now that the quail are getting the hang of using the funnel and getting back in the pen each day. We made the mistake of letting quite a few go the first day and then we flushed them scattering them quite far. After 2 days only 2 had recalled out of about 12-14 that were released. We hit the books and learned that there is a training period for the birds to learn to recall and use the funnel. The key during the first few days is to let them out and not flush them so they stay close and figure out the entrance. After about a week of this you can start flushing the birds and begin using them for dog training.
Quail getting used to the recall pen
After the mistake these are the 12 or so bobwhite quail that were left in the recall pen. We have more quail to restock the pen with and think about 25 is a good number for this size of pen. We will be finding a more permanent home for the recall pen for the summer months as the farmer will be wanting to cultivate this ground soon. We hope to use the quail recall pen for dog training during the summer months on private property.
Ace flushing a released bobwhite quail

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