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New Male Brittany Dog


This is Tony from Blueridge Brittany kennels in Texas. He was purchased this week and will be going to training camp in Nebraska with David Downing to get ready for some fall hunting. David will be competing with Tony in a few trials to get some puppy points if all goes well. We are looking forward to watching Tony’s progress in his bird dog training. You can see Tony’s (Blueridge’s Race-N-Win) complete pedigree here.

I was hoping for a puppy out of this same breeding, but the repeat breeding didn’t take. After talking with David he mentioned that this male brittany was available from last years litter. After thinking it over I decided to go ahead and get this good looking male brittany from the futurity nominated litter between Rob and Kelly.

  1. King
    June 3rd, 2010 at 12:07 | #1

    my dog starlett does not know how to point yet but she does chase butterflies often we me and my grand-daughter take her hunting so im hoping this will teach her how to point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!